Responding to information regarding the satellite information that indicates the eruption of the Salak Volcano on October 10, 2018, below we submit the results of the monitoring of the Salak Volcano :

  • Visual observation of the Salak Volcano from the period of October 2018 in general, sunny weather to rain, wind moving slowly to the north and south side. Temperature around 22-29 C. Humidity 92%.The volcano is clearly visible to covered with fog 0-III. Zero smoke. Visual monitoring in the afternoon until now, generally covered with fog and rainy weather.
  • The Tornillo earthquake was recorded 23 times with an amplitude of 5-10 mm with duration of earthquake 4,5 – 25 second. 9 times shallow volcanic earthquakes with an amplitude 4-7 mm and duration about 4-10 seconds. 10 times the deep volcanic earthquake with an amplitude of 7 – 12 mm, S-P 0.5 – 2 seconds and the duration of the earthquake 6-10 seconds. 12 Local Tectonic earthquakes with amplitude 6-12 mm, S-P 5 – 8 seconds the duration of the earthquake 20 – 47 seconds. 7 times Far Tectonic earthquake with amplitude 7-11 mm, S-P 11 – 14 seconds and earthquake duration 22 – 97 seconds. Records of the earthquake on October 10, 2018 until 20:00 WIB were not observed for an increase in seismicity on Mount Salak.
  • The results of field observations conducted directly by the Mount Salak observers until 20:00 WIB were not observed by the fall / rain of volcanic ash and no sound was heard from either the peak area of Mount Salak or around the slopes like in the Cidahu National Park area.

Based on the above data it can be concluded that until now Mount Salak has not erupted. Mount Salak is currently at the normal level of activity (level 1). The citizens must be calm and not be provoked by any issues from unknown sources

Volcanology Center and Geological Disaster Mitigation.

Geology Agency

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources


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