The tours last from 3 days to 3 weeks. Their goal is to make you discover Indonesia in all its diversity, but always with a strong volcano component to the trip.

The tours can be personalized. Below you will find examples of tours as well as travels or activities options that you can assemble to create your customize tour.


Tours and Excursions in East Java

Eruption of mount bromoBromo – Kawah Ijen

From € 105, duration 3 days, Difficulty: 1/5

A classic of East Java volcanoes. Go to the mythical volcanoes. The Bromo and its magnificent caldera, among the most beautiful volcanic landscape in the world. The Kawah Ijen its blue flames, its sulfur and its sulfur porters.

Semeru cratereSemeru – Bromo – Kawah Ijen

From € 214, duration 5 days, Difficulty: 4/5

In addition to Bromo and Kawah Ijen, this tour includes Semeru. The highest peak of Java, but also an erupting volcano ! It explodes every 30 minutes. A difficult climb but the unique experience of witnessing an eruption.

Kawah Ijen and the view on RaungKawah Ijen – Raung

From 290 €, duration 3 or 4 days, Difficulty: 4 or 5/5

A little warm-up with the Kawah Ijen and then a climb of Raung, One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and the least visited. it is the largest crater in Java. .

Tours and Excursions in Central Java

Central Java tour: Yogyakarta – Merapi – Borobodur – Dieng – Sumbing – Yogyakarta

Central Java tour: Semarang – Sindoro – Dieng – Borobodur – Yogyakarta