Go Volcano is for you! those who are crazy of volcanoes, their eruptions, the mountain that lives, trembles, explodes, spits its smoke and sulfur … and all the travelers, adventurers and explorers in search of the unknown.

Here’s as the crazy ones, the ones who live and see things differently, we go beyond the limits and known boundaries. We dream, we explore, we discover, we experiment, we imagine. Where some people see nothing but foolishness, we see genius, great explorers and great adventurers. Because only those who are crazy enough to think that they can go where no one has gone before, succeed. So join us in a volcanic adventure out of the ordinary!

You will go to the assault of active volcanoes. You will experience real eruptions. You will see lava, sulfur, fumaroles and all kinds of volcanic events.

On this site you will find comprehensive information about each volcano in Indonesia, its hiking and climbing. And you can also delegate the whole organization of the hinking, trekking and climbing, logistics, transportation and security to “Go Volcano”. You can share travel expenses with other adventurers. But above all, you will not go through any intermediary. that’s why you’ll have the best of volcanoes at the best price.

As a guarantee of our quality and our renown, you will discover, in the video opposite, Rani, our co-founder, who makes a noteworthy appearance in the french Tv program Echappés belles.

Go Volcano – the specialist of Indonesian volcanoes

Top “Go volcano” Hike and Climb

Semeru Climb

Starting from 125€, duration 2 to 3 days, Difficulty: 4 to 5/5

Raung Climb

Starting from 166€, duration 2 to 3 days, Difficulty: 3 à 5/5

Arjuno Welirang Climb

Starting from 131€, duration 2 to 3 days, Difficulty: 3 à 4/5

Top “Go Volcano” tours

Semeru – Bromo – Ijen Tour

starting from 214€, duration 5 days, Difficulty: 4/5

Bromo – Ijen Tour

starting from 105€, duration 3 days, Difficulty: 1/5

Ijen – Raung Tour

Starting from 290€, duration 3 days, Difficulty: 4/5

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Volcanism & Subduction


Why are there volcanoes? What are the origins of volcanism? What are the types of volcanism? What is magma and lava? How does a volcanic eruption work? What are the different eruptive dynamics?


What are the mechanisms of eruptions during subduction? The lava domes and lava needles. nuées ardentes. Eruption column. lahars.
What is Subduction? The Pacific Ring of Fire. The phenomenon of Subduction in Indonesia.

Latest News on Erupting Volcanoes in Indonesia

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